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i took one deep breath and enjoyed it to its full capacity. it entered my nostrils, working its way into my lungs. i could feel it rush the blood through my body as the tips of fingers prickled up. it was a good breath. 

now i find myself back where i started. empty of breath. warmth begins to drag out with the tide. i find myself hunting for a meaning, a purpose to the journey thus far and what might come soon.

Happy Fourth of July y’all. This is 6 Australians figuring out the game of beer pong. #WillSmith #FourthofJuly

That night I super imposed a keyboard into my air keyboard fingers. #SanFranciscoSpecial

My favourite toilet art work.

Once upon a time, man had a love affair with fire.

@lindsayhall123 built a bar so we took it to the beach. #lifestyleoftheunemployed #flattuesday

Morning surf check w/ @jessiejean9 Few little fun ones rolling through at Little Cove, Noosa.

rum diaries.

We can only make the best of decisions under certain circumstances.

& in the end it’s all we have.

The choices we make at 2am, a bottle of rum and desolation. 

We took a few bean bags down to the rock wall. Six pack a pack of cigs and some dip. Sunset was alright, seats were fucking A.

Sunsets in the back garden. Home sweet mother fucking home. But seriously.. Adventure soon?

Rookie fishing comp. Dane: 1 fish. 1 crab. Dean: 1 fish. Jeremi: 0.

Blues & Roots 2014 + Surfing w/ Cyclone Ita = Pretty standard weekend in Byron Bay. Thanks!

i spilled wine at dinner so dad punished me by giving me this big heavy wine glass that this alcoholic lady once left at house.

across the way.

at some point, you learn to become sympathetic with the girl who sleeps alone at night. 

with dreams she had, of white picket fences.

the neighbours yard is never as mysterious and magical as it seems.

just thorns and dead gardens, as crisp as ones wishes. 

Home sweet home. Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted.