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Getting showed up. Was stoked when she asked after our jam where her own smaller sized guitar was. This experience also had me question, do I really hate kids? #CuteOnlyBecauseShesFamily #DontLikeChildrenInGeneral (at Double Island)

it’s rough, the words are wrong. but why not.

we’re with the band 🇺🇸 #outsidelands @dbabe116

Dad asked me to cook dinner. Entree for tonight is seared Hervey Bay scallops, topped with salmon caviar on a beetroot purée with prosciutto crisp and sprinkle of thyme. Happy Tuesday.

Will strip for food. #RetiredKiss #BayToBreakers

i took one deep breath and enjoyed it to its full capacity. it entered my nostrils, working its way into my lungs. i could feel it rush the blood through my body as the tips of fingers prickled up. it was a good breath. 

now i find myself back where i started. empty of breath. warmth begins to drag out with the tide. i find myself hunting for a meaning, a purpose to the journey thus far and what might come soon.

Happy Fourth of July y’all. This is 6 Australians figuring out the game of beer pong. #WillSmith #FourthofJuly

That night I super imposed a keyboard into my air keyboard fingers. #SanFranciscoSpecial

My favourite toilet art work.

Once upon a time, man had a love affair with fire.

@lindsayhall123 built a bar so we took it to the beach. #lifestyleoftheunemployed #flattuesday

Morning surf check w/ @jessiejean9 Few little fun ones rolling through at Little Cove, Noosa.

rum diaries.

We can only make the best of decisions under certain circumstances.

& in the end it’s all we have.

The choices we make at 2am, a bottle of rum and desolation. 

We took a few bean bags down to the rock wall. Six pack a pack of cigs and some dip. Sunset was alright, seats were fucking A.

Sunsets in the back garden. Home sweet mother fucking home. But seriously.. Adventure soon?