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i spilled wine at dinner so dad punished me by giving me this big heavy wine glass that this alcoholic lady once left at house.

across the way.

at some point, you learn to become sympathetic with the girl who sleeps alone at night. 

with dreams she had, of white picket fences.

the neighbours yard is never as mysterious and magical as it seems.

just thorns and dead gardens, as crisp as ones wishes. 

Home sweet home. Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted.

Our grandpa, the movie star. Rest in peace mate. Having a drink for you tonight.

phantom love.


I find serenity in my surrounding.

Zero distractions can drive even the smallest of mice crazy. Silence, the sound of nothing but your mind, Nico Jaar and the wind brushing through pandanas palms.

It actually all sounds quite exotic, doesn’t it?

but any creature makes the most of what it has.

& where I am, I feel nothing but comfort.

Comfort can only last so long, and if you beg to differ, dream a little longer, but while it’s within reach, or as long as deep as your nails can cling, allow yourself to take it in,





Because in the end, we are all but children trying to find diamonds in the sand. 

One of my more memorable tindr conversations.

half a week of (f)unemployment.

thursday morning, yet again, another morning in the office with heavy bags under my eyes. another 1.30am work day, working on another cookie cutter proposal.

chalet paris - nineteen sixty font, headings in 12.5’s, bodies in 11. 

the most enjoyable part of the days were being graciously greeted by the scene on leavenworth street, more formally known as the tenderloin. sunshine, syringes and the exchange of dirty money on street corners.  

kind mornings came to heavy halts, fluorescencents sting the eyes, closed curtains, welcome to your day.

9:48am, i’m called into the partners office along with 3 others including a group in los angeles. my heart beating, trying to hide my smile, i knew what was coming. a rough month for the agency, heavy lay offs all round. 

i discussed my severance package, picked up my bag and out the door by 10am. a sense of easiness comes over me, like i finally was able to take a deep breath and let it out without sighing. 

relief. my co-worker and i grabbed a coffee, i could immediately tell he wanted that taste of freedom. he could see it when that first sip of coffee hit my lips.

it’s finally time to live the lifestyle.


**side note: i’m finally doing it, thank you lifestyle of the unemployed!

business 101.


mulling over business ideas. 

a) create a demand for something, so exclusive, so outrageous that no body can have.

b) have that shit created, you are the gate keeper to your own demand.

.. 3.2.1 and rich.



our minds paint the pictures to the feelings no words could share.

this dream, with eyes closed,  there is no darkness, we are never alone. 

only clouds reflecting patterns upon crystal lakes,

as sun light radiates warmth across our bodies connected.

distance will not separate us, we are never alone.

only oxygen, running through our lungs, the same wind that blows through purple meadows and carries echoes across still waters. 

our dream continues.

but again, without an end,

there is no dream. 




There are 4 billion other women on this planet. 

Unless you’re in love, don’t fuck your best friends exes. 

take it like a man.


couldn’t make it past the first date? stop beating yourself up and take these tips to getting her to the bedroom from an alpha female. guest blog by our very lovely p.a.m.e.l.a:

1. Exaggerate your one talent/passion, because she doesn’t have to know your company requires you to be in the Big Brother program.

2. Be sure to jazz up your Facebook profile to look interesting and attractive because SHE WILL STALK YOU.

3. Talk about your job as if you’re two positions above your current position.

4. Keep her drunker than you, nothing turns dates off more than a wasted dude.

5. Expect nothing, and she’ll want to give you more.

blind date.

it’s like the in thing, apparently. taking a little bit of a different route to the grouper’s, tindr, bang with friends etc etc, i thought i’d take it a step further and see what the chances of taking whendatinginsf on a date by starting some friendly tumblr conversation. 




Just for one night:

Try saving the pennies you were going to spend on getting takeout from the same old hole in the wall around the corner. You probably get it delivered while you sit in your sweats watching re-runs of game of thrones? right.  

Now, head down to your local grocer, whether it be gourmet or just a TJ’s. The notion of cooking being a chore is simply fucking ridiculous. It should inspire creativity, let you relax, take your mind of all the other things going on in this world. Share the experience if you like, collaborative flattery. Bounce off each other, I’ve never been more in my element than cooking with the person that I love. You’re only as good as what you put out.

Take the time to scroll through recipes, pick out fresh beautiful produce, match your dishes with a bottle of vino. Let yourself go, discover and create. The beauty of creating food is all at once, everything comes together like the universe is telling you that everything is going to be just fine. 




fall hard down that well but don’t forget to catch yourself along the way. trust me on one thing, let go & keep falling. because once you get to the bottom of the well, you climb yourself out and do it again and again. keep things interesting, we’re all here to explore.

Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.

—Vladimir Nobokov

Rediscovery: art show inspired by daft punk #tight (at Gauntlet Gallery)